Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today was a really great day. We started by seeing Mt. St. Michel, although we hardly saw it at all. Let's just say the reputation for the thick fog is totally accurate. One boy asked why the bus had stopped because no one could see the 200-ft. abbey from the parking lot! For most of the morning, visibility was probably 50 feet in front of us, at best. (The photo was taken at 1:00 pm when the fog was "lifting".)

The excursion continued, crossing from Normandy into Brittany, in the afternoon with a 2-hr stop in St. Malo, which unfortunately was more of the same foggy climate. The students took advantage of the local culinary speciality: crêpes. And by the end of the day, nearly every student had bought some sort of striped, French maritime-themed article of clothing.

We bus ride home was full of laughter and sing-alongs, and when we arrived in the parking lot at the school and saw only students and no parents, we teachers had quite a scare. But shortly thereafter, we learned that the French hosts had mobilize to orgnanize a group outing to a restaurant--very impressive to see 48 teenagers heading off by foot to a restaurant!

This is likely the last blog entry of the trip as tomorrow we'll be doing some last minute postcard writing, souvenir shopping followed by a farewell party and packing are bags in preparation for an early send-off Saturday and a long bus ride to the Paris airport.

We've so enjoyed working with all these students. We'll see you all on Saturday evening at 6:30, Terminal E.

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